It provides management solutions for every insurance transaction, at every stage and for every size of business. The needs of our partners dictate bespoke solutions on a platform with multiple functions and portfolio management capabilities.
It starts from the stage of simple invoicing to the automatic depayment of contracts and accounting processing of the total production volume of a network of any size and number of partners.

Based on the latest technological developments and taking into account the pulse of business needs, DATAWISE Software offers complete solutions combining quality and immediate results at competitive prices. We design applications and software providing smart proposals that meet even the most tempting and demanding needs of our customers.

The trust of our customers is the best advertisement among the insurance world, making DATAWISE Software and its services one of the first choices for many who will decide to organize their production as well as their portfolio and will create an environment of common operation and daily work for their entire network, regardless of the number and location of partners.
Our goal is to meet the needs and understand business requirements, with the aim of increasing our customers' sales through time savings and business process improvement.